Rates and Fees

Interest rates

Our base floating interest rate for home loan lending is 5.65% per annum. Heartland may, at its discretion, charge a higher interest rate in some circumstances. The applicable interest rate for your loan will be discussed and agreed with you during the loan fulfilment process.

This interest rate is only available to you if you apply online for, and are granted, a Heartland Digital Home Loan.

Default interest rates

If you do not pay an amount when it is due, then we will charge you interest at a default interest rate of 2% per annum above the then current interest rate.

Schedule of standard fees and charges applied to Home Loans

Loan Fees

Establishment Fee / $500

We will charge you this fee for processing a new loan application made directly to us, including approval and acceptance.

Refinance Fee / $500

We will charge you this fee if you apply for an increase to your existing loan, including approval and acceptance.

Variation Fee / $150

We will charge you this fee if we vary the terms of your mortgage.

Discharge Fee / $100

We will charge you this fee to release your mortgage once your loan is repaid


Refund Fee / $16

We will charge you this fee if you overpay us and we refund you.

Statement Fee / $5

We will charge you this fee if we give you (at your request) an additional statement. We do not charge you this fee for providing any six monthly continuing disclosure statements.


Dishonoured Payment Fee / $5

We will charge you this fee if your bank dishonours a payment you make to us.

Recovery Costs

We will charge you any costs charged by third parties relating to your Loan or the Loan Documents (e.g. legal fees). We can provide copies of the invoices on request.

Fees and Costs Added to Loan Balance

If we charge you any of the above fees or costs, we will add that amount to the Amounts Owing. That means we will charge interest on that amount until you pay it.